Simon Heath


Hand carved from a single block of seasoned wood, each Simon Heath shooting stick is a unique and stunning work of art.


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Simon Heath

Uniquely yours and a guaranteed original, a Simon Heath design is a classic companion to keep you grounded in the country; always there with you for each stride.

Created from a sustainable choice of different woods sourced locally from Sussex, Surrey and Kent using patience, care and skill, you’ll find that each and every stick will last lifetimes.

Designed in the most intricate detail to create the most realistic finish for you or a loved one to enjoy for years.

I’m extremely proud to be able to create these one of a kind sticks and have been lucky enough to have supplied my sticks to some of the most famous gun shops and people around the world.


Only the Best

Oak, Yew, Lime & Fruit Wood

Each stick is truly unique and is tailored to meet the specific requirements of the commission, ensuring that every stick has a distinct look and style of its own and can be designed to meet specific needs or preferences. Sticks can be painted if desired or finished naturally to showcase the grain within the wood.

The First Step

Made To Order 

The first step is for you to choose your design, this can be your pet or favourite animal or choose a classic and simple design. All designs are unique, personal and made exclusively to order.

The Second Step

Bending The Stick

Time to pick your stick. Choose from locally, sustainably sourced woods, such as the Holly, Apple, Hawthorn, Blackthorn, Ash and birch.. To name but a few! 

The Third Step

Time To Sketch

Once you have chosen your design, I’ll carefully sketch your one of a kind creation to begin bringing it to life

The Fourth Step


I delicately carve out the head of the stick in the most intricate detail, using care, skill and traditional methods

The Fifth Step

The Attachment

The head is carefully attached to the stick of your choosing and is then checked over and finished to exceed your expectations.

The Final Step

Your Stick Is Ready

Your bespoke hand carved stick is ready for you to collect and enjoy.



What People are Saying


“Hand carved and brilliant”

Vinnie Jones

“Beautifully crafted”

Absolutely stunning and beautifully crafted.

Peter Barrett

“Full of detail”

Couldn’t believe the level of detail in the design

Trevor Williams

“So realistic”

I was given a stick of my dog as a gift from my son, and was blown away by the level of detail and how realistic it was”

Sam Scott

The Sustainable Process

My stick making process is entirely sustainable. Nothing is wasted, all the offcuts are thrown into the fire in my workshop, which becomes very handy in the winter.

Hours of Operation

Our Opening hours are between 9am – 5pm Monday -Friday. 

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