The Sustainable Process

The sticks I create are mostly cut from coppicing woodland. This is where you cut a stick close to the root of the chestnut or hazel tree to enable it to re-grow from the bud below your cut, so the root or stump can keep on producing from year to year to year. 

Other sticks are also cut using a process that causes no harm to the tree itself. Such as the Holly, Apple, Hawthorn, Blackthorn, Ash and birch.. To name but a few! 

The intricately carved head itself is cut from a piece of seasoned wood, which could be Oak, Yew, Lime, a Fruit Wood, or many other locally sourced beautiful woods.

Each stick is cut in the winter when the sap is down and the leaves are off, then they are trimmed and left in a cool, dry place for one year. They are then steamed, straightened, cleaned and trimmed again until they are perfect for use.

Absolutely nothing is wasted – all the offcuts are even used to heat my workshop in the wintertime!

Simon Heath

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