About Me


This is just a little bit about me and where my passion for hand crafting began.


Where It All Began

I started making hand crafted sticks with my Grandfather when I was around 10 years old using roe deer antler we found around the farm, and this is where it started. It was only when I read an article in a 1984 Shooting Times magazine, about a gun stocker, making walking sticks from lovely vintage broken sticks he was replacing, doing so predominantly in beautiful walnut wood.

Although I started making sticks with my Grandfather, my biggest help and inspiration was from my Father. My Father was a terrific commercial artist and I was grateful to have always had lots of encouragement from him. In later years, he used to spend hours and hours sitting in my workshop, watching me as I intricately carved my sticks.

Using the experience of my Grandfather, with the encouragement and inspiration of my Father, I have since been lucky enough to have supplied my sticks to some of the most famous gun shops and people around the world.

Simon Heath

In the Spotlight

For thirty-five years, Simon has worked his magic with wood; gently carving and coaxing the pheasant, the salmon or the hare  from deep within its natural beauty. Birds, fish and game or classic working dogs come to life with a delicacy of expression that is rooted in Simon’s deep understanding of the form and shape of the animals and birds that he carves.


What People are Saying

“100% Recommend”

“Ordered one for my dad for his birthday and he loved it, would 100% recommend”


“Love love loved”

Love love loved it! I ordered one with a design of my pet dog and he absolutly nailed it “


Beautifully hand crafted

Beautifully hand crafted. I’m still finding new details that I didn’t notice before.


“Loved it”

“My husband absolutly loved it and has not stopped going on about it.”


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Our Opening hours are between 9am – 5pm Monday -Friday. 

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